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Annual Prevention Programmes

Prevention is better than the cure...

We offer comprehensive annual programmes to help you maintain all aspects of your physical and mental health, and improve your vitality and quality of life. Double Check’s® preventive care programmes are based on the three basic values of modern medicine: analysis, treatment and understanding. Only those with medical experience and expert knowledge can identify any potential health problems you may have, treat them and explain any changes you need to make to your current lifestyle.

Double checking on your health

Within the framework of our annual preventive health care packages, Double Check® provides you a personal physician, who will be available all year round – be it by way of personal consultation, by phone or by Skype. No matter how often you need us, we will answer all your health questions. We offer a year-round programme of medical supervision and health care management. The Double Check® team will co-ordinate your treatment programme with your local medical team in your home country and support you with a wide array of treatment plans. New medical problems can be immediately solved together.

Preventive Health

Preventive Health

Preventive Health

Detailed medical history and interview

Detailed medical history and interview

Detailed medical history and interview

VIP Check-up

VIP Check-up

VIP Check-up

Awareness programme

Awareness programme

Awareness Plus programme

Mental health

Mental health

Further information

Appointment confirmation

To seek medical advice or to schedule a preventive health care plan or Rebalance & Rejuvenation Programme, please complete our confidential registration form. Please sign and forward it to us by email or by fax (+ 41 44 212 11 01).

Cancellation and postponements

Any cancellations or postponements must be communicated at least two business days before the appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee of CHF 1,000 applies. Any cancellations or postponements that are communicated to us within 24 hours prior to an appointment will incur a charge of 50% of the total amount. Any special service or additional concierge charge are subject to special conditions, please speak to us for more information.

International insurance

We ask patients with international insurance to please clarify the scope of their coverage prior to treatment in order to establish the level of coverage to which they are entitled.

Language interpreter services

If you do not speak English or German, we will gladly organise an interpreter for you upon request. The additional cost of this service is usually around 120 CHF per hour, depending upon the language involved and other factors (e.g. the time of your appointment).

Terms and conditions

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Double Checking Every Aspect of Your Health

Diseases and illnesses can strike at precisely the time we least expect them. From that moment, right up until your full recovery and beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

Allow us to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that you deserve, by ensuring that your health matters are not just checked but Double Checked.

With Double Check® as your personal, total healthcare partner you receive the most extensive, effective and exclusive healthcare available anywhere in the world.

It's our pleasure to report that our clinic at Double Check® is open and our comprehensive range of services have resumed. Our international clientele are being permitted access across the border by the Swiss authorities, and all COVID-19 safety measures and protocols are being adhered to, as instructed by Switzerland's Health Authority.
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