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Instant Immunity Booster & Prevention Programme

By Double Check and Bio-R®

With the emergence of the global Corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic, we are offering a well-balanced Instant Immunity Booster & Prevention Programme. It has been devised in collaboration between leading experts of Double Check and Bio-R® and is suitable for adults.


There are many factors involved in protecting an individual from viral (Covid-19) infection. These include a successful application of the hygiene guidelines, the control of disposing conditions and the strengthening of the immune system.

Advise to apply hygiene guidelines

Our clinicians provide individual medical advice for concrete and successful application of the hygiene guidelines in your life and in your personal and professional environment.

Underlying disorders that might put you at risk

We check for underlying medical disorders that might increase your risk to be infected with Covid-19 or to have a bad outcome, if Covid-19 disease occurs. These are lung- and cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, overweight, metabolic disorders and more.

Testing and control of disposing conditions

We will test you on Covid-19 if the clinical situation requires it. And we offer medical advice and, if necessary, further examinations to control disposing conditions of Covid-19 infection.

Metabolic stress analysis

Metabolic stress causes inflammation in the body which weakens the immune system. Disorders of glucose metabolism, especially in patients with a diabetic predisposition, create a higher risk of infection. People affected by it can particularly benefit from the Instant Immunity Booster & Prevention Programme.

Sleep analysis & improvement

Sleep has a major impact on the defense against pathogenic organisms. In fact, sleep has been recommended by doctors for good health and disease control since ancient times. The body regenerates and repairs damages during the night, whereby the length and even more the quality of sleep is important. Our programme contains specific tools to measure and improve the quality of your sleep.

Vitamins & supplementation

Our programme focusses on the strengthening of the immune system and involves specifically tailored micronutrient supplements. We assess and precisely test your personal needs with a blood analysis and replenish individually. Supplements offered in the programme contain B-vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, amino and fatty acids among others in form of a tailored infusion and a personalized micronutrient formula. The specific galenic formulation leads even to a long-term effect.

Weight management

The programme supports successful weight management and, by that, increases overall vitality and fitness.

Diet & microbiome

Diet has an important impact on the immune system, because immune cells are mostly located in the gastrointestinal tract – in which our intestinal flora (microbiome) is dependent on our diet and stress management.

Instant Immunity Booster
& Prevention Programme details


  • Initial questioner status via telephone

  • What you need to know about viral and bacterial infections and how to protect yourself from a Corona (Covid-19) infection

  • Medical examination & Bio-R® assessment

  • Bio-R® lab work (micronutrient status in blood)

  • HRV testing (evaluation of sleep and metabolic stress)

  • 1 Bio-R® session with evaluation of your HRV results and personal nutrition & lifestyle coaching

  • 1 tailored Immunity Booster infusion
  • Personalized supplements for 1 month
  • Tailored micronutrient supplementation for strong immunes system
  • Additional supplements (ex. to support sleep, weight loss)


  • Bio-R® personalized weight loss programme

  • Questions & answers (Q&A) online 24/7

  • Remote sessions with experts in various somatic and psychiatric fields

  • 1:1 PT (outdoor tailored fitness)

  • Testing & restoration of microbiome (strong bacterial gut flora)

  • Personal HRV test kit for at home

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