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About us

The History of Double Check®

Although our unique network has expanded and strengthened over the past 10 years, our core values remain the same as in 2007 when Double Check® was founded by leading professors from the world-renowned University Hospital of Zurich. They continue to be world-recognised experts in their respective fields. They remain absolutely dedicated to ensuring that Double Check®’s clients receive the absolutely highest levels of healthcare and medical treatment.

We provide the very best medical advice, diagnostics and treatment available anywhere in the world. Each client receives an individual, client-orientated focus from our dedicated, professional and discrete team of experts. You will receive the very best medical treatment, provided in the world’s most illustrious and luxurious facilities.

Our Purpose.

We are reinventing the experience of care.

Our Vision.

We are the global leaders in innovative care services.

Our Missions.

It’s our commitment to help our clients receive the best possible personalised heatlhcare by providing the fastest access to our second-to-none team of Swiss Medical experts.

A trusted, total healthcare advisor for you and your loved ones

Double Check® provides peace of mind by managing every aspect of your health affairs, allowing you to focus on your other obligations or on recovery from an existing illness. Our services are custom-designed to ensure that your healthcare is the most effective and suitable to your lifestyle. We monitor and organise regular health check-ups to keep you healthy, identifying any health risks you or your family may have. Never again will you need to sacrifice your health in order to focus on your other interests.

If illness strikes, we analyse your treatment plan to avoid the inevitable discomfort, distress and delays that occur when others have recommended inappropriate treatment. We can accompany you to appointments with medical specialists, to ensure that the stress of the situation doesn’t mean you fail to register or question their advice. We are available at any time, to discuss your existing treatment advice and assess whether it needs to be adapted to suit your individual situation.

If treatment is required, our unique network means you are treated by the world’s leading clinicians, in the most renowned academic research facilities. Why gamble with your health when we can provide the world’s most effective and cutting-edge treatment available? Unlike business decisions, the choices you make regarding your healthcare may not be capable of being reversed in the long-term. By allowing us to Double Check® every aspect of your health, treatment and recovery, you can rest assured that your healthcare is in the safest of hands.

Double Checking Every Aspect of Your Health

Diseases and illnesses can strike at precisely the time we least expect them. From that moment, right up until your full recovery and beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

Allow us to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that you deserve, by ensuring that your health matters are not just checked but Double Checked.

With Double Check® as your personal, total healthcare partner you receive the most extensive, effective and exclusive healthcare available anywhere in the world.

It's our pleasure to report that our clinic at Double Check® is open and our comprehensive range of services have resumed. Our international clientele are being permitted access across the border by the Swiss authorities, and all COVID-19 safety measures and protocols are being adhered to, as instructed by Switzerland's Health Authority.
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