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Your Exclusive Healthcare Partner

The most precious investment is in your health and the health of your family. Double Check advises on every aspect of your healthcare treatment to ensure you receive the finest medical expertise, treatment and peace of mind.

Medical Services

Your Trusted Healthcare Partner

In an increasingly busy world, we frequently rely on the expertise of a range of specialist advisors. It is natural to have trusted, expert advisors to deal with financial affairs, legal matters or property purchases. However, when it comes to the most important investment of all – our health – people are often left alone to deal directly with medical experts whose advice they may not fully understand or be able to verify. Even if you seek medical opinions from multiple experts, you may be left unable to assess which advice is best for you. Especially if, as often happens, those experts disagree.

Double Check is your trusted advisor on all your healthcare matters, whether minor or severe, long-term or emergency. We manage and support your healthcare so that you have total peace of mind.

Even as you sleep, you can rest assured that our specialist team is devoted to providing you and your family with the best medical diagnostics, treatment and aftercare available anywhere in the world.

About us

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Peace of mind

We accompany you throughout your stay to offer you support and assistance in stressful times.

Stress can prevent people from fully understanding the medical advice they receive. Our medical team provides a calm head and gathers all crucial information on your behalf. We discuss all available options with your healthcare providers, and evaluate treatments and alternatives that you may not even know existed.

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Our expertise and support

Our unique network of medical researchers, practitioners and institutions includes our own in-house specialists and over 200 Swiss specialists, all experts in their field.

We give you fast-track access to the most renowned clinicians and cutting-edge treatments, provided in the world’s most exclusive hospitals, clinics and research centres.

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Double Checking on you in an emergency

If illness strikes, we act quickly and efficiently to ensure you receive the absolutely highest standards of medical attention.

In emergency situations, we can organise medical interventions anywhere in the world.

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Double Checking your current treatment advice

We offer medical check-ups, diagnostics and second-opinions on the widest range of illnesses. This allows us to confirm whether it is advisable for you to undergo treatment recommended by others.

Many treatments can have terrible side-effects or other harmful consequences. Incorrect treatment can cause new, and sometimes more severe, health problems.

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Double Checking your day-to-day health

Our periodic health programmes help you and your family stay healthy and avoid future illnesses.

We monitor and test the widest range of health indicators to ensure that you can be confident in your well-being.

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Double Checking your physical and emotional wellbeing

Given our changing lifestyles and the tendency to eat less nutritious food, biochemical imbalances are becoming an ever-increasing problem in most cultures, affecting our energy and positivity in our daily lives. To help treat such issues, Double Check has launched a Rebalance and Rejuvenation programme, an innovative medical treatment programme which corrects biochemical imbalances and deficiencies in our bodies and mind.

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Double Checking the best treatment for you

Our diagnostic services offer the widest range of tests and use the most high-tech and pioneering diagnostic tools, developed by Switzerland’s leading research hospitals.

We also use DNA biomedical intelligence techniques to Double Check whether your individual DNA patterns would prevent certain treatment techniques from being effective.

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Double Checking your recovery

Following the trauma of a serious illness, most people rigorously stick to their treatment and healthcare plans, at least for an initial time.

However, as time progresses, and the earlier symptoms improve or disappear, other business and personal matters can displace healthcare as our primary focus.

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Client testimonials

  • Urs, aged 45

    I suffered from psoriasis for years, but after being treated with the Rebalance & Rejuvenation programme, finally - my skin is healed! I have been free from complaints for more than half a year is a whole new way of life. I recommended your programme to a colleague!

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The Kusnacht Practice, our group company, is the world’s most exclusive recovery centre treating a wide range of addictive and psychological disorders in completely private and luxurious surroundings.

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Double Checking Every Aspect of Your Health

Diseases and illnesses can strike at precisely the time we least expect them. From that moment, right up until your full recovery and beyond, we are with you every step of the way.

Allow us to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind that you deserve, by ensuring that your health matters are not just checked but Double Checked.

With Double Check as your personal, total healthcare partner you receive the most extensive, effective and exclusive healthcare available anywhere in the world.