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Professor Dr. med. Thomas F. Lüscher

Head of Cardiology Practice

Professor Dr. med. Thomas F. Lüscher

Since 1st October 2017, Professor Thomas F. Lüscher is the Director of Research, Education & Development and Consultant of Cardiology at Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital Trust and Imperial College in London and Director of the Centre for Molecular Cardiology at the University Zurich (Campus Schlieren). From 1996 – 2017 he was Chiarman of Cardiology at the University Hospital Zurich and Director of the Center for Molecular Cardiology at the University Zurich (Campus Schlieren, Wagi-Areal), Switzerland.

Prof. Lüscher has extensive clinical expertise in the entire field of cardiac and circulatory diseases, from prevention to treatment of coronary heart disease and congestive heart failure. He is an expert in pharmacotherapy and a trained interventional cardiologist. As professor of cardiology, he was seminal in the training of the next generations of physicians as well as the development of the field of cardiology, even beyond national boundaries. As an active scientist, he has published ground-breaking works on the origins of coronary heart disease. Prof. Lüscher has published over 500 original research articles and reviews. He has received numerous research awards and was acknowledged by the Institute for Scientific Information as one of the most frequently cited scientists. In 1992, he founded the Zurich Heart House as a foundation for cardiovascular research. Together with Professor Michael Fried, he founded the first international Double Check centre of Switzerland in 2010.