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Paediatric Check-Ups

Double Checking Your Child's Health

Even if your child is healthy, Double Check's paediatric check-ups are a good time to focus on your child's wellness. Talking about ways to improve care and prevent problems helps keep your child happy and well.

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and change. To ensure that children grow into healthy adults, paediatric check-ups are strongly recommended for the screening of medical and developmental issues. This is so preventative measures can be taken to either halt the development of certain medical conditions or address them promptly to achieve a better prognosis.

At Double Check, we recommend annual paediatric check-ups between the ages of 1-18 years. Our check-ups focus on the child’s general health, growth and development and provide an opportunity for the doctor to assess existing medical conditions, address health concerns promptly and provide parents with crucial information about their children’s health. These check-ups are for both healthy children and those with medical issues.

Typically, our check-ups include the following:

  • - Assessment of general health, growth and development
  • - Physical examination to check reflexes and lung, heart and stomach condition
  • - Sight test/ hearing test
  • - Vaccination status and updates
  • - Blood pressure test from the age of six
  • - Extensive laboratory testing, including; blood group, liver function testing, lipid profile, kidney and thyroid testing etc.
  • - Behavioural or psychosocial assessment
  • - Nutritional and lifestyle coaching
  • - Counselling and tools to support a healthy child development
  • - A full medical report with detailed recommendations

Why have regular paediatric check-ups?

  • - Prompt identification of developmental issues, diseases and other medical conditions so medical attention can be provided as soon as possible
  • - Attaining and maintaining optimum health for the child
  • - Provide full protection against diseases through timely immunisation
  • - Provide children with continuous medical care
  • - Assess the child’s risk of developing medical conditions so these risks can be minimised
  • - Track the child’s growth and development
  • - Assess the child’s milestones, social behaviour and learning abilities
  • - Provide parents an opportunity to raise concerns about their child’s behaviour, eating and sleeping problems, among others

For information on our paediatric check-ups, please contact us.

Further information

Appointment confirmation

To schedule a check-up, please complete our confidential registration form, sign it and then forward it to us by email or by fax (+ 41 44 212 11 01).

Cancellation and postponements

Any cancellations or postponements must be communicated at least two business days before the appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply. Any cancellations or postponements that are communicated to us within 24 hours prior to an appointment will incur a charge of 50% of the relevant total amount. Any special service or additional concierge medicine charge are subject to special conditions, please speak to us for more information.

International insurance

We ask patients with international insurance to please clarify the scope of their coverage prior to treatment in order to establish the level of coverage to which they are entitled.

Language interpreter services

If you do not speak English or German, we will gladly organise an interpreter for you upon request. The additional cost of this service is usually around 120 CHF per hour, depending upon the language involved and other factors (e.g. the time of your appointment).

Terms and conditions

By paying, you agree to the terms and conditions stated on our website.


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