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By 2030, more than 13 million people will die each year of various types of cancer. The most common cancers include: lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, colonic or rectal cancer, breast cancer, oesophageal (throat) cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, blood cancer (leukaemia) and various skin cancers (basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and melanoma). Once such cancers are diagnosed, the most common treatments (radiation therapy and chemotherapy) can in themselves lead to harmful and uncomfortable side-effects.

It is estimated that more than 21 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed every year. In many countries, including America, cancer is already the second most common cause of death (after heart disease) and it is soon likely to replace heart disease as the most prevalent cause of death. This future burden may be increased by unhealthy behaviours and lifestyle choices (e.g. poor diet, physical inactivity or smoking) and changes in reproductive patterns (e.g. fewer children or more advanced age at first childbirth).

Cancer is not a disease but an entire family of diseases that are linked at a fundamental biological level. They are characterized by the pathological proliferation of cells – occasionally cells that don’t know how to die, but certainly cells that don`t know how to stop multiplying. This abnormal, uncontrollable growth of cells is a process that typically starts in a single cell. That cell then multiples over and over. Every new generation runs through a little evolutionary cycle so that the out-of-control cells become increasingly evolved. This explains why each cancer develops a different face – even though there is a deep commonality between prostate cancer, breast cancer and leukaemia at the cellular level.

Cancer touches on every aspect of medicine. Prevention is a crucial part of Double Check’s® philosophy. Regular Check-Ups not only help to identify your risks of developing cancer, but also substantially improve your chances of diagnosing cancer at the earliest possible stage, to avoid the need for invasive treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. We provide early diagnosis and screening of common cancers.

We offer comprehensive diagnosis, second opinions and staging through our unique network of specialists.


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