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Look after your largest organ

Our skin is the largest and most multifunctional organ in the human body. An average person’s skin covers an area of 2 square meters and amounts to 15% of their body weight. Our skin is supposed to protect us from harmful environmental effects and to maintain our inner balance.

Double Check’s® unique and extensive network of the best, specialist dermatologists (skin doctors) enables us to provide you with direct and fast access to experts in the field of general conservative dermatology, cosmetic dermatology and dermatological surgery. Double Check’s® skin specialists use state-of-the-art technology, including computer-aided diagnostic equipment and laser systems. A medical diagnosis is the very first step on your medical journey. Videography, dermoscopy, laboratory and allergy testing, computer-supported skin and body measurement and – if necessary – biopsies are used to ensure the most accurate diagnostic results.

Our skin is not only exposed to the elements, but is also influenced by what we eat and drink, and how we live our lives. This leaves our skin vulnerable to a wide range of dermatological diseases and illnesses including: skin cancer, lupus (an autoimmune disease which occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues and organs), acne, hemangiomas (i.e. non-cancerous growths of blood vessels which cause disfiguring), psoriasis (itchy, red scales and patches), rosacea (facial reddening, pimples, swelling, and dilated blood vessels), eczema (including atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema), vitiligo (loss of skin pigmentation, leading to loss of skin colour and white patches), infant or child impetigo, erysipelas (a bacterial infection in the upper layer of the skin) and many others.

Without expert knowledge and considerable experience, the symptoms of dermatological problems (which generally involve rashes, inflammations, swelling or disfiguring) can be easily misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated. This prolongs the illness and increases the anxiety which often accompanies embarrassing dermatological conditions. In order to properly diagnose and treat any skin problems you or your loved ones may have, it is highly advisable that you seek medical advice and have a skin with our dermatological specialists (skin doctors) at our skin clinic.

Double Check’s® skin experts also specialise in cutting-edge skin enhancement services that offer amazing results for all skin types. These include wrinkle-removal treatments (such as laser skin resurfacing and tightening), acne removal treatments (such as photodynamic therapy), microdermabrasion (to remove age spots and acne scars) and many others. In conjunction with Double Check’s® individual Rebalance & Prevention Programmes, we can help you to look and feel like a newer, younger version of yourself.


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