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Biochemistry defines our physical and emotional wellbeing

14.11.2017 - Articles

Given our changing lifestyles and the tendency to eat less nutritious food, biochemical imbalance is becoming an ever-increasing problem in most cultures.

To help treat such issues, Double Check has launched a Rebalance and Rejuvenation Programme, an innovative medical treatment programme which corrects imbalances and deficiencies in our bodies and mind. This pioneering medical detox and cell rejuvenating method has a preventive, revitalising, refreshing, beautifying and relaxing effect. It is specifically tailored to one`s biochemical needs, influencing and correcting imbalances in one`s individual biomolecular structure and; therefore, has a significant and sustainable impact on well-being and vitality.

The way that we think and feel, along with our emotions and our physical health, are all the result of millions of complex processes in the body and brain. This activity takes place on a biochemical and neurotransmitter level and it has a direct impact on our wellbeing. Each one of us has a complex and unique biochemistry, which needs to be balanced in order to feel good, healthy and full of energy. Our bodies feed our brains and if we don’t feed our bodies properly, our brains in turn do not receive the food they need for us to think and feel as we should. When our brains are short of the nutrition it needs, we can experience physical and emotional discomfort, nowadays often linked with anxiety, burnout, depression, insomnia, obesity, type2 diabetes and cravings.
Biochemical/neurochemical imbalances can also be a result of stress, trauma, and both prescribed and street drug use. Biochemical imbalance is one of the reasons that rates of addiction and other psychiatric illnesses are on the rise and treatment outcomes decreasing in today’s world. There are certain biochemical imbalances that make a person more prone to psychological and other illnesses, these can include:

  • Imbalances of neurotransmitters in the brain
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Amino acid imbalances
  • Hypoglycaemia
  • Inflammatory and oxidative stress
  • Adrenal fatigue 

Biochemical imbalances are assessed in three ways:

  1. Nutritional and lifestyle assessment

  2. Health history and symptoms

Laboratory testing to identify the neurochemical and other biochemical deficits; toxicity; cellular stress factors (glycosylation, oxidation, inflammation); adrenal function; genetic factors.

The Rebalance and Rejuvenation Programmes start with an individual medical examination where concerns, expectations and wishes are discussed with the client. In a second step, a comprehensive laboratory analysis is carried out. The method is used to analyse one`s individual biochemical profile, identify deficiencies and assess these deficiencies with regard to symptoms. These two components form the basis of an individual treatment plan. This includes: personal coaching and elaboration of personal nutrition plan, tailor made micronutrient supplements consisting of organic amino acids and micro-nutrients, and an individual physical activity and lifestyle plan to support the rebalancing process and to provide relief from symptoms. All in consideration of personal preferences and environment for long-term success. In follow-up examinations, progress will be analysed and treatment adapted accordingly. Once balance is restored, the client’s cognitive skills and emotional stability are improved and they experience significantly greater levels of energy, as well as improvements in their physical appearance.

It's our pleasure to report that our clinic at Double Check® is open and our comprehensive range of services have resumed. Our international clientele are being permitted access across the border by the Swiss authorities, and all COVID-19 safety measures and protocols are being adhered to, as instructed by Switzerland's Health Authority.
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