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Wojciech Szczepaniak

President of the Board of Directors

Wojciech Szczepaniak

Wojciech Szczepaniak is an energetic, innovative and pioneering European businessman who is educated in the area of law and finance. He began managing his own business in 1998 when he also began his first joint-venture with investors from different countries. Since then, he has successfully occupied senior management positions in many companies across several industries. Wojciech is particularly active in the health care sector and has taken the lead role in developing and expanding a chain of private clinics and hospitals, including cardiology and cardio-surgery clinics. His experience also covers projects from various areas of medicine including oncology and neurosurgery. At The Kusnacht Practice he represents the interests of his holding company, Medical Investments Partners, who controls his medical businesses. 

Wojciech is focused on developing projects in the area of anti-ageing medicine, biomolecular restoration and genetics. He fully supports recent innovative research and findings which demonstrate that these medical areas have enormous potential to improve patients’ quality of life.

Within Double Check, he is responsible for leading all members of the clinical and non-clinical teams. His ultimate goal is to maintain utmost client satisfaction and to ensure that 5-stars service is guaranteed in every detail of the medical and non-medical aspects of Double Check.

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