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Dr. med. Alexander Meyer

Board Certified Internist

Dr. med. Alexander Meyer

Dr.Meyer graduated from Zurich University Medical school in 1979 and received his training in internal medicine at Zurich University hospital. In 1987, he opened his private practice in Zurich and worked for 29 years as a family practitioner in the city of Zurich. In 1997, he began his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Birmingham and Berlin and was certified as a specialist for acupuncture in 1999. The combination of clinical western and traditional Chinese medicine allowed for treatment of patients with rheumatic, allergic, gastrointestinal, ear and pain problems. He was a pioneer in hybrid acupuncture with lasers and traditional techniques. From 1989, he worked as a consultant for Check up Centre Zurich. Since 1987, Dr. Meyer ‘s special interest focuses on clinical ultrasound.

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