Our facilities

Double Check is state-of-the-art medical centre providing full health check-ups, medical second-opinion services, and specialised diagnostics and treatments to individuals who desire convenience and efficiency, and who value privacy. Our location in cosmopolitan Zurich, Switzerland, means easy access from anywhere in the world — along with access to some of the world’s leading medical professionals. Double Check’s focus on your needs means we offer individually tailored diagnostics, prevention and recommendations in multiple languages, all in a private, discreet setting.

In addition to offering top-quality medicine and technology, the Double Check facility provides a lounge, catering options, wireless internet connection, and audiovisual entertainment are available for your use. We strive to offer you the utmost comfort, along with a well-connected, one-stop healthcare service near the centre and the lake of Zurich. Download the map.

We also partner with several leading service providers, for specialised testing equipment:

  • Klinik Hirslanden: a modern private clinic in Zurich, which belongs to Hirslanden, a private clinic group in Switzerland.
  • Privatklinik Bethanien: a high-volume, private clinic offering a broad range of inpatient and outpatient services in Zurich.
  • The Zurich University Hospital: a leading academic and research centre, connected to one of the most prestigious medical schools and laboratories in the world.
  • Kusnacht Practice: a private, full-service clinic partner that provides psychiatric support as needed for Double Check’s patients.