The Kusnacht Practice

Addiction, Psychiatry and Bio-R

The Kusnacht Practice, our group company, is the world’s most exclusive recovery centre treating a wide range of addictive and psychological disorders in completely private and luxurious surroundings.

Their internationally renowned team of doctors and psychiatrists provide individual care, identifying and treating the underlying causes of a problem. This highly effective approach to treatment was pioneered by its founder Lowell Monkhouse, the widely-respected Canadian addiction counsellor. Through years of research and observation, he discovered that only by combining different pillars of treatment, looking beyond mere symptoms and identifying the root causes if a problem, is it possible to achieve the best outcomes.

Combine this with bespoke care plans and innovative therapies and technology, they offer their international clients a comprehensive, unique treatment programme with the greatest chance of lasting recovery. This flexibility enables clients to take advantage of an intensive programme of up to eight hours per day of highly efficient one-to-one sessions.

For more information, please visit our website: The Kusnacht Practice