Gerd Kullak, MD

Professor and chairman of clinical pharmacology and toxicology

The division of clinical pharmacology and toxicology at the University Hospital Zurich is an expert centre for all issues relating to drugs and medicines. The division’s experts focus on analysing a patient’s suitability for a given drug regimen, accounting for the diagnosis, medical background and other medications taken at the same time. State-of-the-art genetic testing is applied where necessary and the results are explained in detail to optimize the effect and minimize the risk of a given medication. Dr Kullak has access to the division’s high-end software for analysing the compatibility of different medications, which is unique in Switzerland. Ongoing care includes measurements of drug levels in blood, to ensure the optimal dose is being used to treat a medical condition. Dr Kullak’s division has strong expertise in the field of liver diseases, offers genetic testing for inherited liver diseases, and is a leader for research in liver disease and pharmacogenetics.