The Swiss difference

From watches to chocolate, the term ‘Swiss-made’ indicates quality and high standards. At Double Check, you can enjoy the Swiss difference in healthcare.

  •  High-quality medicine, provided by leading experts from Switzerland and around the world
  • Facilities that are tranquil, safe and, above all, private
  • Security, confidentiality, data protection and discretion when it comes to your care, health documents and test results
  • Serving a wide range of international clientele means we can cater to all language, cultural and religious requirements you may have
  • Full concierge service that prioritises your convenience — we can arrange visa, flights, hotel, transfers, tourism activities and more. In fact, we can even fly an expert to pick you up or organise an air ambulance
  • Reactive service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week — just call us and, within a few hours, we can welcome you

Our clear vision of healthcare is focused on you. Double Check delivers convenience, personalisation, efficiency and privacy alongside top-quality medical care, thanks to our experienced experts, and strong links with a global network and one of the world’s leading university hospitals.

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