Can you accommodate my language/cultural/religious requirements?

Serving a wide range of international clients means we can cater to all language, cultural and religious requirements you may have.

Are your physician experts leaders in their fields?

Yes, our physicians come from Switzerland and around the world, to ensure we have the very best experts providing your care. Please see our list of physicians who work on site for more information.

What health services do you offer?

At Double Check, we offer a wide range of personalised services, from health check-ups and second opinions, to heart health screenings, internal medicine, skin checks and more. For more, see our list of services.

What if I don’t know which health services I need?

We provide you with a personal Care Concierge to guide you each step of the way, from initial contact through to leaving our facility. Based on your health concerns and needs, we create a diagnostic and treatment regimen especially for you.

What if my schedule is very busy?

Double Check ensures that all examination, testing and treatment fit your schedule and your lifestyle needs.

How will I get to the Double Check facility? Where will I stay if I have to remain in Zurich overnight?

The job of your Care Concierge goes beyond healthcare to ensure you are well cared for. We can arrange visa, flights, hotel, transfers, tourism activities and more.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

Your personal Care Concierge is ready to help at any time. Just call us or submit a private message here, and we can welcome you within a few hours. In fact, we can even fly an expert to pick you up or organise an air ambulance.

Where is Double Check located?

The Double Check facility is in a private, tranquil, safe location in the centre of Zurich, near Lake Zurich. Our partner services are also located in Zurich, for easy access to further tests and treatment, as needed. If your care requires visits to these facilities, we will arrange private transport. For more about the facilities and location, go here.

What amenities are available at the Double Check facility?

Lounge, catering options, wireless internet connection, and audiovisual entertainment are available for your use while you stay with us.

Can I smoke in the facility?

Please note that smoking is not allowed in the Double Check facilities, nor any of Double Check’s partner facilities.